Say Hi ! EDITION n°1


Pack of 16 A5 cards, screenprinted on Daunendruck 580g

2 colours + Varnish
Edition of 80 copies.
Edited in 2015

The graphic design « atelier » A3 Studio and the silkscreen workshop Colormakerz team up to produce the first edition of « Say Hi ! ». This series of prints brings together a selection of eight national and international artists, graphic designers and illustrators. Sixteen screen-printed cards with turquoise, fluorescent pink and light gray colors. The overlay provides a fourth color purple; a glossy varnish sublimates some of the visuals.

Artwork by :

- A3 Studio (CH)
- Erich Brechbühl (CH)
- Giroscope (CH)
- Happypets (CH)
- (CH)
- Swiss Typefaces (CH)
- Li Xu (CN)


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